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Enterprise vision:To become the trusting shipbuilding enterprises.
Enterprise mission:To provide excellent performance, safety and reliability, owners of domestic and foreign satisfied ships.
Enterprise purpose:Better, stronger, bigger.
Enterprise target:TO learn advanced technology, overtook Japan and South Korea, build a modern ship assembly plant .
Enterprise spirit:Integrity, dedication, challenge, innovation.
Enterprise style:Loyalty, responsibility, values, equivalent.
Loyalty---Employees should be loyal to enterprise.
Responsibility--- Employees should have the sense of responsibility.
Values---Employees should strive to create value for the enterprise.
Equivalent---Equal value and remuneration.
Life criteria:Diligence, thrift, respect, faith
Diligence---God rewards the diligent Thrift---Frugality to Germany
Respect--- Humility comity Faith--- Honest and Trustworthy
Core philosophy:Customer satisfaction, maximum performance, well-trained, Jinglu safety
Customer satisfaction--- First of all to make our internal employee satisfaction;
Maximum performance---To make our employees work happily;
Well-trained---To build an efficient team of learning-oriented;
Jinglu safety--- Each employee will have equal powers of survival and safe living environment;
Quality policy:Elaborate design, fine management, standardization of construction, customer satisfaction
Management principles:People-oriented, harmonious and orderly, integrity and law-abiding
HSE policy:Occupational health, safety , environmental policy, Jinglu cherish life, ship industry clean production.

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