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  Jinglu ship industry create a century enterprise with independent research and development capabilities. The company focus on the building of design and development team, bringing together the talent echelon, transferring technology as mentoring. All of these make the company has a good atmosphere for innovation. At present, there are more than 400 engineers and technicians in the company, all of them have the solid technical foundation and rich experience, it has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of company.
  Jinglu shipping industry is now being recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise, with provincial-level enterprise technical centers. It is also authorized by the CCS, DNV, GL,BV,LR,ABS,KR,NK and other internationally recognized classification societies. 75,200 tons bulks carries was identified as "Shandong Famous Brand" products. The company has now obtained more than 30 patents, including dock "3 + 3" shipbuilding method is the world's first law. 77m saury / squid fishing boat was included in the State Ministry of "high-tech research ship", and the 1200 tons large tuna purse seiners is to fill the domestic blank.

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