Veggies Can Be Your Favourite Food Too

051 Favorite FoodsGenerally speaking, most people do not really want to eat vegetables, most especially kids and even young people. When ask for their favourite food, vegetables are most of the time not included in the list of favourites. The list will only include burger, fried chicken, fries, pizza, chocolates, ice cream, but never food with lots of vegetables on it or the vegetable as its main ingredient.


But there are absolutely many things that we are missing for not eating vegetables or even for not including just a little amount vegetables in our diet. And there are certainly many reasons for vegetables to be turned into our favourite food. We can get a lot of benefits from it and it is definitely good of our body.


For one, it is full of vitamins and minerals that are good for our health. Vegetables have a lot of nutrients to offer that can be good for the body. For example, most vegetables are said to have phytochemicals that can help in fighting aging and even cancer. Eating vegetables can also help in lowering the risk of having heart disease and the like. Vegetables also contain a lot of fibre compared to meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and so on that we usually love, which in fact contains a lot of fats and cholesterol that if one eats too much, it can be really harmful to our health.  Also, fibre in vegetables is especially good when it comes to digestion. It is said that when your body digests food well, then you are receiving a lot of nutrients from the food that you are eating. It is also good in removing toxins and other wastes in your body because it contains elements that can attract such toxins and waste. Vegetables are also good for the skin. No wonder those who eat lots of vegetables have healthier skin than those who does not.  Eating vegetables can give you healthy skin as well as it can give you such natural glow.


However, despite all these benefits one can get from eating vegetables and even more, a lot of people are still not fond of eating vegetables, especially those that can be eaten raw. Even so, if one does not want to eat vegetables because of its taste and yet still want to reap the benefits of eating such, he or she can still do so. There are a lot of ways these days. And one can make one on her own. For example, if one does not want to eat vegetables as it is, he or she can make shakes and smoothies. There are even vegetable flavoured ice creams these days.

Cooking Your Kid’s Favorite Foods

153 Favorite FoodsAs a mother, it is one of our responsibilities to secure and ensure the health of our children by simply preparing them healthy food on their plates. Most of the time children could be picky with their food but it’s how the parents educate and train their children. If your kid is trained to eat healthy food, you will not have any problem feeding them with vegetables and fruits. Children are actually looking at their mothers. They would actually follow or imitate whatever they see form their parents. If they see their parents are eating that particular food, they would also eat it thinking that it is safe. But do not rule-out the fact we still need to educate and train our children why they should eat healthy food. But let me tell you this, never lie to your children. Do not give them false ideas. Be honest even if they do not understand it yet but their minds are capable of storing those memories which they could remember when they get older. Now, if you want to be sure that your kids will grow healthy, you need to cook their favorite foods in a healthy way.



The top most favorite food of many kids is spaghetti. I never met kids who do not like spaghetti. Spaghetti is actually a kid food. I am sure that you are cooking homemade spaghetti for your kids at least once a week. Now, since your kids love spaghetti, make sure that they are cook healthily. You can actually use tomato sauce that is rich in vitamins. Or, you can also use fresh tomato sauce if you want a fresh healthy tomato sauce for your spaghetti. You can also add some herbs and spices to add to the flavor and also to the nutrients of the spaghetti.


Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Aside from spaghetti, another favorite food of children is smoothies. Children love to drink smoothies. But most smoothies that are sold at the market are made from artificial flavoring and color which could be unhealthy for your kids. So, instead of buying, why don’t you make them a fresh fruit smoothie? I am sure they will love it and would ask for more.



Of course, we cannot rule-out chicken on the menu. Every kid love to eat chicken. But which part of the chicken is healthy for children? I would say that you give the breast part because it is lean meat which means less fat and calories.



One more favorite dish that we could add to the menu is pancakes. Instead of buying them instant ready mix pancakes, I would suggest that you make them from scratch it will be healthier.


There are more health favorite foods that I’m sure you kids would like and you have to know and learn how to cook them.

Adopting Your Favorite Pet And Taking It Home

Each of us has our own preference or should I say favorite pet. It could be a dog, cat, birds, reptiles, or exotic animals. Whatever pet you want to adopt that would be up to you as long as you are happy with it and you know how to raise them and what to feed them. Sometimes there are people who just adopt pets but don’t have any idea about them. They adopt it because they find it cute especially if they are cuddly. It’s not healthy or proper that you will adopt a pet without doing some research about them because worse thing that could happen is they might die starving because you don’t have any idea what to feed them.


055 Favorite Pet

So, if you claim that you have a favorite pet that you want to adopt, make sure that you have great knowledge about them. Like their habitat, food, temperature, and so on and so forth. You need to know everything about your favorite pet so it can survive if you adopt them. There are pets that might not comfortable with the homes that you made for them and they might die because they are not comfortable with their new habitat especially if you put them on cage. In case you plan to put them on case, make sure that it’s big enough that they could roam around and try to set it up as if they are just in their habitat. Now, the most complicated pet that you can adopt that might require special attention and habitat for them to survive are exotic pets like reptiles such as snakes, alligators, iguana, gecko, and even spider such as tarantula.


I have a tarantula right now and ever since I have been a fan of spider. So, right now I have three tarantulas and one of them is a year old now. What I like about tarantula is that they are so easy to feed. They are not picky when it comes to food. They eat almost anything particularly insects. But what I’m feeding my tarantulas is worms or they call it super worms. These worms are very healthy and rich in protein. Tarantulas also are not hard to feed because all you need to is to put the worms in front of them and they will grab it and eat it. And you don’t have to feed them every day. So, they are not that expensive to feed.

Traveling Solo: My Favorite Places In New York

220 Favorite Places in New YorkThe first time I traveled overseas, I was at a young age. My trip was not the typical family vacation abroad. I was alone. It was quite unexpected because I was supposed to travel with a relative who, unfortunately, was not able to join me in our international flight. I was terrified at first, but when I got to see the country day after day, all the worries and uncertainties just seemed to evaporate. The scenario is similar when I visited New York City. I was only there for two weeks, but it felt like a month wouldn’t be enough either. To give you a feel of my experiences, here are my favorite places in NYC.


A classic favorite would be the famous Empire State Building. Once at the top, you will be taking in a breathtaking view of the city. The best part is that it is open until midnight. This means you will be able to appreciate the romantic view of New York City lights. You haven’t been to New York if you haven’t visited the Statue of Liberty. This monument, a gift from the French, is located at Liberty Island. You will need to ride a ferry in order to get to it. There are also cruises which allow you to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center all in one day.


Aside from the popular destinations, I also made time to visit some places that local folks love. Because I am a huge fan of cream puffs, this bakery in Upper East Side blew me away. Apparently, Choux Factory is known for their delicious cream puffs served fresh every day! For cream puff lovers like me, Choux Factory is the perfect venue for satisfying that sugar craving. Another thing that I obsessed about when I was in New York is chocolate! My personal favorite chocolate shop is MarieBelle. Their famous chocolates are served in a lovely ambiance and in such an artistic manner that it is just difficult to bite into them. In terms of shopping, my favorite place is Macy’s Department Store. It offers a wide variety of products, ranging from fashion pieces to kitchenware. What made it interesting is that it is ten floors high! I have never seen a department store as large as Macy’s.


My trip to NYC has been a delight. I wish I could have stayed longer so that I could have explored more of its hidden treasures. Two weeks is a very short span of time but I had to make the most out of it. I have so many things that I have yet to discover in New York City, but until then, I cannot wait to go back.

What Are Your Favorite Healthy Habits

149 Favorite Heathy HabitsAll of us have our own favorite healthy habit that we love to do each day. These are the habits that complete our day. If we miss one of these it’s like our day is incomplete. Later tell me tell you some of the favorite healthy habits that keep me going. They say that if you do something consistently and constantly in a span of 19 days it will become a habit. So, if you want to start a new habit, try doing it for 19 days every day and before you know, you can’t live a day without doing it. So, here are my four favorite healthy habits that keep me healthy, active, and satisfied each day.


Brush Your Teeth Before You Sleep

I know that this may sound weird but it’s healthy to brush your teeth before you go to sleep each night. Although we have already brushed our teeth within the day, it’s still different that we brush our teeth before we sleep. Remember that our mouth is immobilized when we are asleep and that is the time where the bacteria accumulate and multiply. With all the food that we ate and also the drinks that we drank, we need to clean our teeth to prevent cavity and tooth decays.


Eat Fruits & Vegetables For Your Snacks

Another healthy habit that I have is eating fruits and vegetables as my snacks. Instead of eating junk food like chips and takeouts, I would prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Aside from being healthy, they are also delicious. I’m not going to worry about weight gain because fruits and vegetable do not contain calories and fats that could cause weight gain. There are also so many things that I can do with my fruits and vegetables: I can make fruits smoothies, I can make vegetable and fruits salad, I can also make dessert, or I can just eat them fresh.


Be Hygienic

Another healthy habit is being hygienic. We need to be clean when it comes to our body. We need to shower every day, use deodorants, brush our teeth, and wash our hand before and after eating.


Engage In Sport

Another healthy habit is by engaging yourself in sports. Sports is a healthy habit because it helps burn stored fats, increase your energy level, keeps you active, helps regulate blood circulation, and it promotes relaxation especially with stress.

There are more favorite healthy habits that we can do to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Aside from these habits, try to add more if you desire as long as it keeps you healthy.

What Are Your Favorite Diets

161 Favorite DietsEach of us has our own favorite diets. Our diets may include different types of food. Like for example, we may fond of eating desserts or sweets, or we love to eat pasta dishes, or we love to eat vegetable salad and other types of fresh salads. Whatever your favorite diets are, it doesn’t matter as long as you are sure that they are healthy because if they are not, then you will be facing health problem soon. But, in case you are not sure with the nutrition facts of your favorite diet, you can simple check it with health guides. There are health guides or food guides books that that you can buy. This will give you an idea how much calories and nutrients does your food contain. You can also create your new favorite diet plan. This time make sure that it contains all the nutrients that your body needs.


I’m not saying that you need to change your favorite diet, what I’m saying is to improve your existing diet plan to a more healthy diet plan. Like if you like to eat sweets such as cakes and cookies, there are great and healthy recipes for cakes and cookies. It doesn’t mean that you love to eat cookies and cakes or cupcakes; you are already shoving lots of calories inside your body. Did you know that there are ways to bake cakes, cookies and cupcakes that don’t contain so many calories in it? It’s about the ingredients that you put in it. You can still make delicious and tasty cakes and cupcakes without worrying about calories. Learn from the experts. Most of the professional chefs today have figure out how to calculate calories in their recipes that’s why they were able to control the amount of calories in the food that they prepare and cook.


Try to watch some cook shows on your TV and you will learn a lot of tips on how to cook your food in a healthy way. It’s important to cook your food in a healthy way because food should be good for our body and not the cause of our illness. Food should be the source of nutrition that our body needs and not the cause of imbalance. Now you see and I hope you realize that you can still do better with your favorite diets. You don’t need to change it, you just need to make healthier.

Top 3 Most Favorite Exercises Today

022 Favorite ExercisesThere is a never ending argument when it comes to exercises. Exercises have been practiced and recommended for decades already and have already provided some great results to many. May people have already achieved the body figure and body weight that they want? Many people were also satisfied with the result that exercises had provided them. Many lives were also changed because of exercise. Hope was given to the hopeless. That’s why up to this day, exercise is still the number method to become fit, get back in shape, and become healthy and for fat burning. But there are many ways to exercise. As time goes by, there are different methods of exercise that were discovered and introduced. But, among those exercises, people will always have their favorite exercises which they feel would give them the best results, and here are the top 3 most favorite exercises today.



Because of its simplicity and easiness, many people prefer to do this kind of exercise because it’s exciting, fun, and enjoyable. Dancing is one of the most popular exercises being practice in the world. All you need to have is music and you can start dancing. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for you to start your exercise. You don’t even need to go to the gym just do this exercise. You can even do this in the comfort of your own home. But of course, if you want to learn a formal dance, you can enroll to a dance studio and learn some basic dance steps.


Cardio Exercises

Dancing is also a part of cardio exercises, but there are other cardio exercises that you can choose from if you are not into dancing. You can do aerobics, taebo, salsa, biking, jogging, running, swimming, and etc. You can do any of these and you will see a great result and changes in your body. I promise you that you will lose weight fast.


Insanity Workout

This is also another form of cardio workout but this one exceeds other cardio exercise because this is more intense and from its name insanity meaning this will drive you insane. This is also the reason why many people love this because it provides fast results.

These may not be your favorite exercises but I guarantee you that these type of exercises has been proven countless times already and many people have already testified that they work perfectly.

Keep Running: Benefits Of Joining Marathons

Many people are becoming health conscious because there are lots of diseases and illnesses that are very rampant today. If we are not able to take care of our bodies we would be weak and become very vulnerable to these diseases. This is the reason why eating healthy foods and exercise is a must because these two factors strengthen the body’s immune system and improves our other body systems. That is why today, the number of organic food and health products are increasing. Also, there is an increase of gym establishments and health facilities. But there is one thing that is also beginning to become very popular and these are marathons. Events like these are being held all over the world because it brings a lot of benefits, not only health but social benefits as well. If you want to know what these are, then here are some of it.


154 Favorite Marathons

First of all, it is very convenient and enjoyable. You will not spend lots of money paying for membership fees and trainer fees but only spend a little registration fee when you run. In addition to that, you will be able to run with your families and friends which could strengthen your relationships with them. You will also make new friends and acquaintances. Also, it feels less tiring if you would exercise with other people. Second, running is good for regulating blood pressure and it improves your respiratory system. Our bodies are just like cars that need to be used regularly so as to keep it maintained. For example, if cars are just left lying there in your garage and not used from time to time, its parts will rust and get damaged. The same thing applies to our bodies that if we do not exercise daily, we would become weak and get sick. But also put in mind not to overdo things because it is also bad for our health. Lastly, most of your favorite marathons are being held for a cause. Usually, the registration fees are given to deserving charities and establishments. Just think of it, you are hitting two birds with one stone. You will help yourself and help other people at the same time.


So what are you waiting for? Whenever you have marathon events in your community, do not miss the chance of joining these events. You will receive lots of benefits from it, plus, other people would also receive benefits too.

Places For Instant Favorite Vacations

071 Favorite VacationsFavorite vacations are spent in the most fascinating places in the world. The idea of having a vacation makes a whole lot of difference. It makes you feel excited because at last, you won’t be doing the same routines that stress you. It tells you to relax and worry about nothing. For sure, you can sleep all night without the fear of being late the next day. Today, there are newly favorite vacation places. But, it’s hard to choose which one. There are factors that you need to consider. One, will you think your family will agree with your choice? Second, how much will you spend for the trip? And third, what activities you have planned for the entire vacation length? Find the best family-friendly spots that could offer countless fun and memories. Enjoy the best night outdoors and eat all out. What spots are previously on the top now?


Atlantis Resort and Casino is a picture of old civilization. Be an instant explorer when you visit the place. This is a paradise island. Discover it yourself and find answers to the many intriguing questions. The resort features more than 20,000 comfy rooms, 38 food corners, 11 exhibit lagoons, various species of animals, and fun activities that you would love to do. The place is best for the finest beaches. Its either you swim on pools or play or slides. Forget about your worry. Surprise the family. Bring them to the land of paradise.


Are you in-loved with skiing? Get a pair of skis and travel towards Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. There, you can explore the great mountains. Snowbird is perfect for the winter especially if you ski. With more or less 30 years on the job, the resort has come far. It already features 85 runs and 10 lifts. If you are not addicted to slopes, there are other alternatives like ice skating, snowshoe tours and snow tubing.


How about a visit at the ranch? In a cowboy inspired place, there’s fun that waits. If you will be flying to Arizona, see the famous Tanque Verde Ranch. It measures 640-acre, with more than 120 horses for fun riding moments. Tourists who don’t know how to ride on horses are given free riding lessons at various levels. So, if you are looking for an adventurous summer, you better try this world-class ranch.


Favorite vacations are unforgettable ones. Wherever you go, make sure it’s a planned trip. But, before that, where will you heading next?

4 Favorite Foods Of All Times

153 Favorite FoodsWhat are your favorite foods? Who picked them? Is it you alone or are you only influenced by others? Food is good for the body. It gives energy. It provides proper nourishment for normal bodily functions. It makes you feel full. In short, it sustains life. But, not all foods are good to eat. Some can be bought at the most expensive prices yet they do not taste and look good. Some are loaded with preservatives thus making them inappropriate to eat. If we are going to survey what people really like to eat, we will know the names of those foods. It is exciting. Let’s name the four all-time favorites.



We all love chocolates, right? What makes them different? They taste sweet. Chocolates are sometimes soft and chewy. There are also crisps and dark. This is one of the best comfort foods ever. It is relaxing to eat especially if you feel tired or worried. It will definitely calm your nerves. Besides, you don’t need containers to store them. Chocolates are excellently wrapped in plastic, perfect wherever you go. They are light and easily eaten.



Favorite foods look so convincing this is pizza is still people’s choice. We can have fries or cake but nothing beats hot-served pizza. Its look alone can convince eaters. How much more if you find it so good? Do you need a slice now? Pizza flavors vary from BBQ, cheese, melted chicken, pepperoni, etc. You can choose which yours.


Ice Cream

You want something cold so you can feel better? There is ice cream. If you have a serious argument with your dad or you just broke up with your boyfriend, take ice cream so you’ll feel better. Choose among variety of flavors. Lovers know what I want to say. The ice-cream container should be stored properly in the fridge. Refrigerating ice-cream means keeping their original look, taste and feel



People go crazy over chicken. It can be prepared in various ways. We have recipes like curry, fried, soup, burger, and more. Chefs provide various flavors for cooked chicken so if it’s ideal for you to eat crispy, juicy legs, then eat. Prep

Now, are these four included in your favorite food list?  If yes, then the survey on most eaten foods says right. There’s more. As a reminder, prepare food the natural way. This lessens the need for fertilizer and other chemicals. So, we can all be healthy.

Training The Family Dog

Training everyone’s favorite pet, the family dog, requires patience and consistency. From the moment that the new pet is brought home it’s important to enforce the rules that are going to be used in the household. This way, the pet can gain the confidence needed to learn the new skills and the owners can avoid the frustration that comes with giving the dog mixed signals throughout the training process.

How can the pet owner succeed at training the family dog?

Be consistent from the moment the pet is entered into the household. From the time the puppy comes home it’s important to begin to form the behaviors that are going to be desired in the adult dog. This can include areas of the home and furniture that are going to be off-limits to the dog, sleeping and eating areas and the schedule at which the dog is going to be fed.

Reward good behavior for the best results in dog training. Food is like a language for dogs and using small pieces of dog food while training to confirm good behavior is effective at demonstrating that this is the proper way to act in the home and while out and about.

Use a firm voice while addressing the dog, but avoid yelling. Screaming and yelling at a loud voice is ineffective at getting the family pet to follow directions but is an effective way to cause the dog to become scared. Avoid scaring the dog while reprimanding the favorite pet, as this can cause irreversible damage to the relationship between the pet owner and the dog.

For new dog owners, obedience training classes provide the tools that are needed to train the owner to teach the dog to behave. These classes are offered at pet stores and breeders and can help to create a long lasting relationship with the new pet.

Making Healthy Habits Fun

Engaging in some of your Favorite Heathy Habits can be a good way to keep in shape and feeling great. No one likes to diet or feel forced to exercise, so developing habits that you find fun and engaging will help you stick to your lifestyle choices so that you do not feel like you are depriving yourself of anything like you may feel with a diet or strict exercise regimen.

For instance, if you do not see yourself lifting weights or sweating in a gym on a treadmill, try doing something simple like taking a walk through the mall on a regular basis. This way, you get to window shop while getting a workout. If you have children, you can try to get out with them every once and a while and play with them. Running around with young children is a great workout that does not seem like exercise because it is fun.

You can also develop healthier eating habits without sacrificing the pleasure of eating. You can find new ways to make vegetables so that they do not taste bland. You should look for recipes such as spinach patties or Greek cheese and potato patties to spice up your meals. Learning how to snack properly can also help you see to it that you indulge in your sweet tooth every once in a while.  We’ve really liked the hcg drops diet that has helped overweight people lose faster than ever.  This diet helps those that have had troubles with any other diet previously attempted.

While you are considering your Favorite Heathy Habits, you also need to consider how you take care of yourself mentally. Taking some time to wind down and have a quiet moment can do wonders in helping you get through your day. Scented candles and other such pleasures can help you set an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Even if you can only take five minutes to breathe deeply, you need to find a way to relax.

Some Favorite Diets Are Very Effective

Many people have struggled with the process of trying to lose weight, but with this battle against excess fat, they have also found some of the best diets available. In fact, everyone seems to have their own favorite diets. Some of the factors that make a diet popular are, of course, its effectiveness; but in addition to that, a diet’s ease of use and flexibility can also be major factors in how popular it becomes with dieters.

There are numerous diets, some focused on only consuming a couple of foods, others that are high in protein, low in protein or even requiring eating only raw foods. While there can certainly be many effective paths to losing weight, it is important to follow a healthy diet and ensure that your nutritional needs are being met. Fortunately, when it comes to choosing from some of the most favorite diets currently in use, you have plenty of choices. In fact, you can adapt just about any diet to meet your needs.

If you are looking for an easy way to lose weight, it is important to realize that no diet is going to provide a magic bullet. Weight loss is a process of taking in fewer calories and burning excess fat until you reach your desired weight. You can use one of your favorite diets, but if you have any doubt as to its nutritional value, be sure to speak with your physician before you begin.

Some doctors will have a diet plan that they like their patients to follow; however, if you are already prepared with your own favorite diet, your doctor should be able to help you pinpoint any nutritional deficiencies that you will need to meet either by using supplements or by incorporating a wider range of foods into your plan. Whatever weight loss plan you choose, it is important to stay focused and make a commitment to stick with your plan until you achieve your desired results.